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Location: The Center is located within Bay 47 and 48 of the Carmichael Building. The entrance doors can be found on the backside of the building facing the parking lot. Please note that the building is card-restricted and visitors must use the Building Intercom System to gain entry. Upon arrival, please use the intercom on the left-hand side wall to call CHDM General (919-684-1991) for access.

Parking: From North Duke Street, turn right onto Fernway Avenue. The Carmichael building will be on your left and the gated parking lot is the first entrance behind the building. Parking behind bay 47-50 is restricted to Duke employees, staff and students who hold a Carmichael Lot Parking Permit. The visitor’s lot is located behind Bay 52 and accessed by turning left on Fuller Street off Fernway Avenue. Please enter the ungated, smaller lot.  After parking, go up the steps and enter the building through Bay 47, at the far left when facing Carmichael Building (look for the flagpoles).  Visitors to the Center must have a visitors parking permit and should contact us in advance to request one.

Contact Information:
Phone: (919) 684-1991
Fax: (919) 684-1627

Interoffice Mail:
Duke Box 104775

Mailing Address:
Center for Human Disease Modeling, Duke University
300 N. Duke Street
Suite 47-109 – DUMC 104775
Durham, NC 27701