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Erica Davis, PhD


Erica Davis, PhD

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Dr. Davis obtained her Doctorate degree in Molecular Genetics from University of Liège (Belgium) and was a Postdoctoral fellow focused on Human Genetics at Johns Hopkins University and then at Duke University.

Dr. Davis is currently an Associate Professor whose research in our laboratory focuses on Human Genetics.  She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, with a secondary affiliation in Cell Biology at Duke University, member of the Duke Cancer Institute and is a leading investigator in the Duke Task Force for Neonatal Genomics.

Dr. Davis, originally a farm girl from Colorado, was an aspiring veterinarian starting from early childhood.  When she was halfway through her undergraduate studies in Animal Science, she shifted her career goals to merge large animal livestock background with another topic that always fascinated her: genetics. This took her to Belgium to study sheep genetics during her graduate training to investigate the molecular basis of the ovine callipyge locus. After obtaining her PhD, Dr. Davis returned stateside to continue as an academic researcher, but to apply her skillset toward understanding the genetic architecture of a different specie: humans, particularly those with rare pediatric genetic conditions.

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Erica Davis, PhD

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