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Marie Mooney, PhD


Marie Mooney, PhD

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Dr. Mooney obtained her Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics from Michigan Technological University, her Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from University of Cincinnati, and her Doctorate in Cell and Molecular Genetics from the Van Andel Research Institute Graduate School. She has been awarded NSF IGERT and GRF grants to pursue computational modeling at multiple biological scales, from animal behavior to molecular simulations.

Dr. Mooney is currently a Postdoctoral Associate whose research in our laboratory focuses on discovering the genetic architecture underpinning these rare disorders and implementing new drug discovery paradigms to offer better treatment options. Dr. Mooney has cultivated a passion for integrating computation and experimentation to improve and extend the lives of children suffering from rare disorders, including pediatric cancers and genetic diseases. When she’s not in the lab, she enjoys spending time with her son by reading books and exploring the great outdoors.

Dr. Mooney's research is conducted under the guidance and mentorship of Nicholas Katsanis, PhD, in the Katsanis' laboratory located in the Carmichael Building on Duke University’s campus in Durham, North Carolina.

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Marie Mooney, PhD

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