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Zak Kupchinsky


Zak Kupchinsky

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Mr. Kupchinsky obtained his Master of Science in Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences from Kentucky State University and his Bachelor of Science in Marine Science from Juniata College.

Currently a Research Laboratory Analyst II and Fish Facility Manager, Mr. Kupchinsky's work in our laboratory focuses on helping to develop protocols and assays.  With the growing popularity of the zebrafish as a research model for the biomedical community, his future in this field appears bright.

Mr. Kupchinsky has had a fervent passion for fish for as long as he can remember. After traveling to India during his final semester at Juniata College, he realized how important fish are to humans and he also discovered the alternative supply and his true calling: aquaculture.  After accepting a position at the University of Pittsburgh maintaining a zebrafish colony for Dr. Beth Roman, Mr. Kupchinsky quickly realized what the words “model organism” truly meant.  His Master’s thesis “Evaluation of Heterotrophic Algae Meal as a Diet Ingredient for Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)” was published in the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. He received several other accolades while attending Kentucky State University including the coveted Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Aquaculture and two first place finishes in graduate student competitions at professional conferences (Association of Research Directors and World Aquaculture Society).

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Zak Kupchinsky

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